The Modern Miniature Golf Course

//The Modern Miniature Golf Course

The Modern Miniature Golf Course

Miniature golf has been played and enjoyed by millions of people for over a century.  The first miniature golf courses were simple designs, with many of them featuring a limited number of holes, most of which were straight with little in the way of obstacles.

Basic miniature golf courses are great for putting practice.  For golfers who regularly play full, 18 hole rounds of golf, a simple miniature golf course is a good way to practice putting, especially putting speed and distance control. However, for those who are looking for something more entertaining and challenging, the modern miniature golf course offers many features.

The first of which are changes in elevation and direction.  Modern miniature golf courses, such as though created by Horwath Golf, come with holes of various lengths and height.  You could be hitting your first shot on one level but the hole is actually on the level above or below, meaning you must get the ball to travel via a downward pipe or up a ramp.

Get is slightly wrong and the ball could end up back at your feet, to the laugher of those around you.  Then comes the path on which the ball must travel to reach the hole.  Modern miniature golf courses feature holes that change direction.  It could be a dogleg to the right or a huge undulation and bank, which sends the ball to the left.

Either way, you must get the ball to travel along the ground and negotiate the change in direction to finish close to the hole. However, perhaps the main ingredient of the modern miniature golf course is obstacles and these take many forms.

Something simple, such as a rock can provide a great obstacle to hit the ball through towards the hole.  The rock could have a hole in it, which is big enough for the ball to travel through but you must be accurate otherwise the ball could hit the face of the rock and bounce off in any direction.

Another popular obstacle on a modern miniature golf course is a building.  These often take the shape of something recognizable, such as a windmill and provide plenty of fun.  There may be a hole in the door of the windmill and the idea is to send the ball through to the other side but the sails may also be turning, which could block the ball. Obstacles, such as rocks and buildings play a big roll in the modern miniature golf course but the aesthetics of the course is also very important.  Modern miniature golf courses can look very pleasing on the eye, with plants, rocks and water features used to add to the overall experience of playing the game.

With so many options available, miniature golf continues to develop and has become one of the most enjoyable experiences for friends and family.

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